My reflection on Things 3-5.- from the visual communicator section of Rudai 23. Thing 6

So, after an easy introduction to Rudai 23 we got down to business in things 3-5. These provided an opportunity to discover some new communication tools as we moved from still images to videos.
I was excited to read each new ‘Thing’ as they were very relevant to my interest in communicating messages as librarians. However, I think this was perhaps a blessing and curse as I explored every option in great depth. By seeing the potential application of each for marketing my library I got a bit carried away.
The first Thing involved a good rummage around Flickr, which was interesting, especially investigating the application of Creative Commons, and I posted this experience to by blog. Photofunia lived up to its name as I enjoyed slotting in photos of my library into their templates. Although text-length and colour options were significant limitations, it’s quick and easy to use.
I may even go back to use the Quik video app in future, though Powerpoint, when used imaginatively, can provide …

A foray into Flickr. Rudai Book23: Thing 3

I had a good rummage through the photo sharing site Flickr. As I called my blog Health research librarian, I did some searches using variations of these terms. Obviously there's lots about libraries in general, but not so many good photos when qualifiers are added. Perhaps that's all for the good, as Flickr shares some of the issues of other large collections. In other words, it's difficult to get Goldilocks search results  - not to big and not to small, but just right!

In the end I downloaded a picture tagged in a 'research librarian' search. It has a non-commercial attributable licence, without derivatives by M kasahara.

The picture sums up the collage that is research; drawing together different related aspects that are brought together to form one whole piece.
The hardest thing to do was knowing how to give the correct attribution to the photographer. Too little detail is not giving appropriate credit or creating a trackable trail to find it. Too much seems clum…

Ciao tutti. A Rudai 23 post: thing 2

So I’m sitting on my hotel balcony in Italy thinking about blogging. I second-guess myself (as always) - there can’t possibly be anything interesting to say? I look at the boats bobbing in my harbour view then see the beautiful library on a nearby tree-covered hill. So now I think of all the libraries and librarians around the world providing safe, open and equal access to knowledge. Because wherever we are, whatever type of library we work for, and whatever our role is called, it is these values that bind us as a profession.
Of course our purpose is not really about providing access, that’s simply one of the methods we use. Our purpose is deeper. I see it as facilitating people to achieve their potential, as students, practitioners, teachers, policy makers, employees, patients, life-long learners, retirees, etc. Because a student doesn't really come to us to because they need access to books or a quiet space to study; they come because they need to pass exams that will enable them…